• "When I want to indulge in the world’s finest caviar, Altima is my preferred choice. My favorite of all is the Oscietra Imperial Gold; at first glance I notice a beautiful golden tone with a firm texture, yet very delicate pop to the palate. It has a rich, buttery and nutty flavor!"

    -Chef Gwen Le Pape

    Executive Chef at La Goulue

  • "I think your caviar is the best in the world today. I used to enjoy the ‘Gros, Grand, Gris’ malossol in Paris at the Maison du Caviar. When the Shah (of Iran)was in town, his caviar was hard to beat, but you have, Maribel!”

    -George Hamilton

    Award-Winning Actor

  • "Altima Caviar’s Amber Oscietra has a beautiful, glossy appearance, and an exquisite flavor - rich, nutty, and with just the right amount of saltiness. It’s clear that Altima Caviar takes great pride in offering only the highest quality caviar, and it truly shows in the taste and caliber of their products. I would highly recommend this caviar to any restaurant or store looking to provide their customers with a consistently exceptional culinary experience."

    -Baby Jane Holzer

    American Art Collector, Warhol Superstar, Film Producer & Fashion Icon

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  • "I'm finicky about my caviar, as I was fortunate throughout the 70’s and 80’s to often enjoy the finest Iranian caviar. When Maribel sent me her favorite Oscietra to sample, I was thrilled. I’m hooked and love referring Altima Caviar to friends who are as fussy as me."

    -Alana Stewart

    Actress, Model, NY Times Bestseller and President/ CEO of Farah Fawcett Foundation

  • "As an Iranian who grew up in a house by the Caspian Sea, I have tried a lot of caviar from all over the world. I must say Maribel, yours is excellent. The texture and the taste are spot on. Bravo and thank you."

    -Mehran Azmoudeh

    Vice President at Servonet Inc.

  • "Gigi and I always always choose Altima Caviar! We know the quality never varies… it is simply the best!"

    -Harry Benson CBE

    Renowned Photojournalist

  • "I had the pleasure of tasting Altima Caviar several times on different occasions. In small (and less small) amounts I enjoyed it tremendously! With tiny potatoes, with soft boiled eggs, with blinis or alone ... it is always excellent!!!"

    -Carolina von Humboldt

    CvH Interiors

  • "Having Altima Caviar in our store has truly elevated our caviar program. We are very discerning about the brands we choose to work with and are so pleased to offer Altima to our customers. We always receive wonderful feedback."

    -Jessica Zabel

    Cod & Capers Seafood Market & Cafe

  • "5 out of 5 stars. Received our first order of Altima Caviar. It was outstanding, high quality at a great price. Delicious! "

    -Emma Whitt

    Real Estate Professional and Caviar Aficionado

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