The Ultimate Power Snack

If Lunchables had been around in the early 20th century, we’d imagine the Romanov children with their own bougie version: caviar and blinis instead of Oscar Meyer and Ritz. And of course, served in Swarovski bowls, not plastic.

For centuries, caviar has been a meal for the powerful. The Greeks, the Persians, the Turks all feasted on the delicious, delicate eggs. But thankfully, with today’s skilled, sustainable farming methods, controlled sturgeon populations have brought caviar’s pricing to more accessible levels. Albeit, it’s still a decadent treat. And a healthy one.

In certain circles, it’s being called the ultimate power snack. “Caviar provides a good amount of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12, selenium, and iron for less than 80 calories per serving,” says Dr. Jerry Novack, a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach since 1998, who also has a PhD in psychology and runs a high-performance coaching practice and podcast ( 

“Caviar is such a rich, dense and flavorful food,” adds Carolina Buia, spokesperson for Altima Caviar. “It demands to be eaten slowly and with intention. There is nothing wrong with a caviar-midnight-snack. But it’s also so much fun to share a tin with friends. And the best part? You feel indulgent, but not in a high-caloric, guilty way!”

Caviar also packs a pretty punch. “Eating it can improve skin, immunity, mood, and cognition," adds Novack. "In a culture of highly-processed, calorie-dense, but nutritionally empty food choices, one should choose foods that provide the most nutrition per calorie.” So, instead of stocking up on boring snacks, invest in a few blue tins and some blinis. Altima caviar is the snack you look forward to whether solo, in good company and alongside a flute of champagne. After all, it’s five o’clock somewhere. Cheers! 
By Carolina Buia

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