Enjoying Caviar

The Morning After

caviar on soft-boiled eggs
Eggs and caviar complement each other perfectly. The rich and salty flavor of caviar is perfectly balanced by the mild and creamy flavor of eggs, creating a delicious contrast of flavors and textures. Additionally, the soft texture of scrambled eggs or the velvety texture of a poached egg provide a perfect base for the caviar to be nestled on top of, enhancing the overall dining experience. The combination of eggs and caviar is a classic dish that has been enjoyed for centuries, and it is still a popular choice today for those looking for a luxurious and indulgent meal.
Comfort Food
eggs on pasta
Pasta and caviar may seem like an unlikely pairing, but they actually complement each other very well. The subtle flavor and delicate texture of pasta provide the perfect canvas for the salty and flavorful caviar. The two ingredients create a perfect balance of taste and texture, with the creaminess of the pasta perfectly offsetting the saltiness of the caviar. The combination of pasta and caviar is often enhanced with a light sauce, such as butter or cream. Elegant and comforting. Chef's kiss.
The Celebratory
champagne and caviar
Champagne is often paired with caviar and is the luxurious and sophisticated experience we see most commonly associated with enjoying caviar. The acidity of the champagne helps to cut through the rich and succulent flavor of caviar, allowing the delicate flavors of caviar to be fully appreciated. The effervescence of the champagne also helps to cleanse the palate between bites, refreshing the taste buds and preparing them for the next bump. The crisp and light flavor of champagne helps to balance the saltiness of the caviar, creating a harmonious and balanced pairing. Together, champagne and caviar create an indulgent culinary experience that is often associated with celebrations and special occasions.
The Bump
caviar bump


Eating caviar off the back of the hand is a traditional and elegant way to enjoy this luxury food. The practice originated in Russia and was popularized by the Russian aristocracy in the 19th century.

The reason for eating caviar off the back of the hand is that it allows the delicate flavor of the caviar to be fully experienced without any additional flavors or textures from a utensil. The warmth of the hand also enhances the flavor and aroma of the caviar, making it a most enjoyable experience.

Additionally, the back of the hand is considered a clean and neutral surface, free from any residual flavors or oils that might interfere with the taste of the caviar. Eating caviar in this way is also a sign of respect for the delicacy and a way to demonstrate one's appreciation for the food.

Today, many people still enjoy eating caviar off the back of the hand as a symbol of sophistication and refinement.

The Classic 

caviar and accoutrements

The traditional way to serve caviar is on a bed of crushed ice or chilled plate, with a small mother of pearl spoon provided for serving. It is usually served with simple accompaniments such as blinis and other traditional garnishes such as chopped onions, chives, or sour cream alongside. Caviar is often paired with champagne, vodka, or other light and crisp wines or spirits. It is a timeless and beloved treat, however you choose to indulge.

Mother of Pearl

caviar on mother of pearl spoon

Mother of pearl is a material that comes from the inner lining of certain shells, such as the pearl oyster. It is prized for its iridescence and smoothness, and it does not affect the taste or texture of the caviar. Unlike metal spoons, which can alter the taste of the caviar, mother of pearl spoons are neutral in flavor and will not leave a metallic aftertaste.

Using a mother of pearl spoon also adds to the overall experience of eating caviar. The smoothness and delicacy of the spoon complement the delicate flavor and texture of caviar.

Fish & Chips

caviar and potato chips

The crunchy texture and salty flavor of potato chips provide the perfect contrast to the silky smooth and delicate flavor caviar. The simplicity of the potato chips also allows the flavor of the caviar to really shine through, enhancing the overall experience.


How do you take your caviar?

-Altima Caviar

by Catalina Cortez

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